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As a personal injury lawyer, it is our attorney’s job at Wolfe Law Group to assist members of the community. Our accident lawyer serves all of metropolitan Atlanta including injury victims in Douglasville. Because our lawyer devotes his time to more than personal injury law, he felt that it is important to first provide you with important and useful resources for the Douglasville community. Below, you will find general information about Douglasville Georgia, as well as pertinent information about personal injury in Douglasville. Read ahead if you may have an injury claim, or call our Douglasville personal injury lawyer now at (404) 348-0884.

Life in Douglasville, Georgia, combines quiet downtown neighborhoods, a buzzing business district with malls and shops, and a busy highway. Douglasville is not rural West Georgia town and is also not quite a major Atlanta suburb. With the rapid growth Douglasville is experiencing, the city lives up to its motto, “New growth, Old charm, Always home.” At Wolfe Law Group, we love seeing the growth of charming Douglasville, but hate that the risk of being involved in an auto accident increases with the congestion. Our car accident lawyer Justin Wolfe is very familiar with car accident claims in Douglasville and knows exactly the steps to take in such a personal injury case.

Our Douglasville personal injury lawyer has been practicing personal injury law for nearly a decade and founded Wolfe Law Group in 2018 to help victims of car crashes, wrongful death, motorcycle accident, and more. A decade may seem like a long time, but it is nothing when compared to the history of Douglasville. Founded in 1875, residents previously named the town Skint Chestnut. The name came from a tree they used as a landmark to give directions. That small town has now grown to become the headquarters of Douglas county.

Major corporations like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all have a presence in Douglas. These corporations have contributed to the availability of jobs turning Douglasville from a bedroom city to a city where you can live and work. We appreciate hard working Douglasville residents. Unfortunately the hard work that folks do can sometimes lead to catastrophic injuries on the job for some of these companies. We want these businesses to thrive in the community, but we also want their injured workers’ to get maximum compensation for their on the job injuries.

Whether you have lived here for some time or are planning on visiting or moving here, this article answers some questions you may have about Douglasville. If your only question relates to how to get in touch with a personal injury law office in Douglasville, stop reading and contact us now.

Douglasville, Georgia – Things to Do

Douglasville has a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. Recreational facilities are located conveniently across the city. Most of these activities are suited for children and adults alike. As with any building or facility, we encourage you to keep a look out for where you step. If you are injured while on the property of a business and incur medical bills, you may have a premises liability claim.

Outdoor activities

If you are an outdoor person, you will love the opportunities in and around Douglasville.

  • Hiking and camping at Sweetwater Creek Park
  • Fishing and canoeing at Deer Lick Park
  • Douglasville has several walking trails. You can walk in Hunter Park and Deer Lick Park. When there’s bad weather, you can keep up with your walking routine at Arbor Place Mall. They open for walks at 7:00 am Monday through Saturday.
  • You can go golfing or take golfing lessons at West Pine Golf Club. The charges are reasonable as this is a public golf club.
  • Swim or take your children for swimming lessons at the Boundary Waters Park


Arbor Place Mall is one of the biggest shopping attractions in Douglasville. It sits on a 4-million-square-foot space and hosts several specialty shops. If you are looking for a mall that is still family-oriented, Arbor Place is a fun place to visit.

If you love to shop antiques, definitely visit Champs Clock Shop. It has a display of the world’s largest and finest clocks. Some of these are for sale.

Visit the Douglas County Museum for History and Art

This place is different from your typical Museum. It holds the town’s history, a collection of movies made in Douglasville, donated items like cameras, lunch boxes, antiques, etc. Entry is usually free.

What is Douglasville, GA, Known For?

It’s impossible to make a list of every person and place that makes Douglasville a beloved home to over 30,000 citizens. But some stand out from the rest.

Sweetwater Creek Park

Sweetwater Creek State Park has to be top of the list of places that put Douglasville on the map. Not every city is fortunate enough to have a state park where residents and visitors can go hiking, camping, or other outdoor activities.

Tyler Perry

The media recently discovered that Tyler Perry was building a multi-million dollar mansion in Douglasville. Some residents think that his choice to develop his main home here confirms what they have always believed, that Douglasville is a dream place to live.

Home to Olympians

Elana Meyers Taylor and Kristi Castlin both live in Douglasville. Elana won the Bobsled Bronze medal in Vancouver in 2010 and Silver in Sochi in 2014. Kristi won bronze in track and field in Rio in 2016.

Affordable Housing

Douglasville real estate is picking up prices, but it is still more affordable than neighboring cities and counties. The mix of older and newly built homes gives buyers variety. The median home price is $330,000 compared to the Nation’s average of over $420,000.

How to get to Douglasville, Georgia

The proximity of Douglasville to Atlanta and the airport makes it reasonably accessible. The city is 23.2 miles West of Atlanta, the bustling capital of Georgia. You can get to the international airport in less than half an hour during low traffic. In the mornings and evenings, traffic slows down because of the infamous Atlanta rush. In and around Douglasville, quiet backroads and less busy city streets are a relaxing alternative to Atlanta’s chaotic traffic.

Douglasville is located just off of Interstate 20 (I-20) highway. The highway makes the city more accessible than its neighbors. You can get to downtown Douglasville and use the same road to Alabama.

To get to Douglasville from Atlanta, you can use a bus, a taxi, or a rented or personal car. Line 463, Route 40 buses go to Douglasville five times a day. It will cost you $8-$11.

If you are considering living in Douglasville, having a car is advisable. Public transportation is limited. The city has a bus terminal where commuters can leave their vehicles and hop on the bus, but these are timed. You’ll need a plan B if you commute outside the scheduled hours.

In What County is Douglasville, Georgia?

Douglasville is in Douglas County, Georgia. The city is the county seat of Douglas county. Accessing county offices such as the courthouse, residential services, and more is easy if you live within Douglasville.

Other cities in Douglas County are Lithia Springs and Winston. Counties neighboring Douglas are Cobb, Paulding, Carrol, and Fulton.

Is Douglasville, Georgia Safe?

Douglasville is considered a safe place to live. However, pockets in the city have put Douglasville’s crime rate above the national average. For example, the U.S. national violent crime rate is 22.7 and 35.6 in Douglasville. The U.S. property crime rate is 35.4 compared to 85.8 in the city.

Many Douglasville residents defend their neighborhood, as would people elsewhere who love their home. But the statistics speak for themselves. As a resident of the affected areas, you are always on high alert for attacks, vandalism of property, or robberies.

With a major highway (I-20) passing by Douglasville, it’s only a matter of time before a car accident occurs. In the past few months, there have been severe accidents on the news in or around Douglasville, particularly on I-20. Car crashes occur because of distractions, carelessness, or drivers being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Some clinics dedicate most of their time to attending to accident victims, meaning car accidents are common in and around the Atlanta area.

Drunk drivers cause some car crash injuries. Of course, everyone knows that driving under the influence is a crime, but sometimes justice is delayed or even denied. If you are a DUI victim and need assistance, contact Wolfe Law Group, LLC, immediately. Even if no one reported the accident to the police, talking to us can open the way for you to get the compensation you deserve. Even if an at fault driver flees the scene, you still may be entitled to compensation through an underinsured motorist policy.

As a driver or a pedestrian, you should be careful, just like when in other cities, to prevent car accidents. Unfortunately, you can’t help when other road users don’t follow traffic rules. If you are ever a road accident victim, remember that you have rights, and the perpetrator should compensate you. Visit the Records Division to fill out the accident form.

Douglasville Georgia county jail; courthouses; hospitals

These necessary facilities are easy to find in the city.

County Jail in Douglasville

Douglas County jail is in Douglasville. It is a detention premise for lawbreakers. Use the addresses below for contact.

  1. Douglas County Sheriff / Douglas County Jail

6840 Church Street

Douglasville, Georgia, 30134

  1. Jail Division Contact Information

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

Jail Division

8470 Earl D. Lee Blvd.

Douglasville, GA 30134



Courthouses in Douglasville

As the headquarters of Douglas County, Douglasville has several courthouses. You may be looking for one of these offices:

  • Douglas County Courthouse – 8700 Hospital Dr 1st Floor, Douglasville, GA 30134, United States
  • Municipal Court – 2083 Fairburn Rd, Douglasville, GA 30135, United States
  • State Court Clerk- 8700 Hospital Dr, Douglasville, GA 30134, United States


There are plenty of hospitals and healthcare providers in and around Douglasville. Here are a few of those:

  • Wellstar Douglas Hospital in Douglasville.
  • Inner Harbor Hospital.
  • Arrowhead Clinic, which specializes in treating car crash victims
  • Kaiser Permanente Douglasville Medical Office (Clinic)
  • Physio (A physical therapy clinic in Douglasville.

You can find the above and more hospitals and clinics by a quick online search.

Douglasville Personal Injury Lawyer

Lawyers do the noble job of representing helpless victims in prosecuting their rights for a personal injury claim. Personal injury lawyers’ jobs are to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible for clients. Personal injury lawyers can help you with your personal injury claim against an insurance company if:

  • Are a car crash victim
  • Experienced an injury, or physical attack, caused by someone else
  • Sustained injuries at work or elsewhere because of another person’s negligence
  • Or if you seek compensation for catastrophic injury or spinal cord injury from a different type of personal injury accident
  • You have medical expenses following a car crash and need a law firm
  • You want to hire a law firm with a Georgia personal injury lawyer that cares deeply for each of his clients

However, finding the right personal injury attorney to represent you in Douglasville can be confusing. There are numerous law firms in and around Douglasville, GA, and knowing which one is right for you can be a challenge. So, how do you know if you have found the perfect attorney among so many personal injury lawyers? Look for:

  • A lawyer who specializes in personal injury issues so that you can get the best legal advice
  • Someone with considerable experience: An attorney who has just started practicing law may not know how to navigate the judicial system. You probably need a trial lawyer.
  • A lawyer and law firm you can trust: When you speak with them, ask yourself, “Do I feel that they care? Do they answer any questions I have?” Unfortunately some of the law firms that advertise on television and billboards cannot even remember their clients’ names because they have too many.
  • You deserve an attorney who takes the time to talk to you. If a law firm directs you to speak with a staff member that’s not even a lawyer, maybe they are too overwhelmed to take your case or just in it for the revenue.
  • If you consider a lawyer who has too high a volume of cases, he may be more interested in closing cases quickly for little value instead of building your case to get maximum compensation

An Atlanta personal injury lawyer can represent you in a Douglasville car accident case and seek the compensation you deserve just the same as he can handle a case in DeKalb County. At Wolfe Law Group, all of our practice areas relate to personal injury claims and getting our clients maximum compensation.

When contacting Wolfe Law Group, you don’t need to pay any fee upfront. We get paid a percentage of the compensation that we recover for you. If we do not obtain compensation for your case, we do not get paid. Our lawyer Justin Wolfe has been recognized as one of the top in Georgia by Super Lawyer magazine and other publications. Justin grew up in South Carolina in a small town where he developed community values before moving to Georgia for law school. He has been a member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association for years. We evaluate your case for free. So, if you sustain injuries due to someone else’s negligence, are a victim of a car crash (DUI or otherwise), or got into a motorcycle or truck accident, reach out to us through the phone number (404) 348-0884, and let us get to work to get you the compensation you deserve.

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