Lithonia Georgia, is a city located just northeast of downtown Atlanta, the state’s capital and largest city. Originally called Stanley’s Station, the area was renamed Lithonia in 1893 by the Georgia Central Railroad, aka the Lithonia railway. Lithia Springs, a mineral springs spa, was discovered nearby in 1832, and the city was developed as a resort community. After the Civil War, the city’s economy depended on farming and plantation-style agriculture.

It is a town in eastern DeKalb County, Georgia, approximately 20 miles from Atlanta. George Washington gave the location its name, and Fort Washington was the name given to it at the time. The name came about due to the town’s location in the city. Stone Mountain Park is also nearby and can be reached in less than 20 minutes by car. Stone Mountain Park and Lithonia Georgia have made their mark on the world, literally. The area is famous for its granite, known as Lithonia gneiss, is a geological outlier in the area.

Lithonia is also home to the remnants of the Bruce Street School, are still preserved thanks to the Arabia Mountain Heritage Area Alliance. The Bruce Street School was the first African American public school in DeKalb County. Speaking of Arabia Mountain, it offers a great alternative for hiking near Lithonia for those who are looking for a change from Stone Mountain Park.

Lithonia is also less than 20 minutes by car to the Georgia International Horse Park, which was host to the equestrian events for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Even today, the Georgia International Horse Park hosts a variety of events for the public, some related to equestrian events, and others which just make use of the incredible facilities to serve as a venue.

The town’s population density is about five people per square mile, and in the 2020 Census, the town’s population was 1,812. According to the recent survey by the United States Census Bureau, the median age in Lithonia Georgia is 30.2 years, and the population is 84% African American.

Is Lithonia, Georgia, a Safe Place To Live?

In the Lithonia area, your chances of becoming a victim of crime can range from one in three in the southeast to one in 39 in the northeast.

Lithonia is in the eighth percentile for safety, which means that 92% of cities are safer, while only eight percent are riskier. Only Lithonia’s proper boundaries are considered in this study. Lithonia has a crime rate of 73.31 per 1,000 people during a typical year.

Crime and Car Crashes Lithonia, Georgia

Crime rates per resident can appear inflated because so many people visit the area during the daytime. Criminal activity is more prevalent in retail areas and along streets with fewer residents. There is no guarantee that red indicates danger for Lithonia residents on the crime map. Review the crime rate and total crime maps before dismissing an area as unsafe. Unfortunately, poverty plays a part when it comes to crime. Areas where poverty is worse in Lithonia traditionally have higher crime rates.

Atlanta is notorious for its dangerous roadways, and many people who live in Lithonia commute to Atlanta regularly for work or entertainment. While living in Lithonia is significantly more affordable than most areas of Atlanta, a commute raises the chances of involvement in a car accident. Every ten years, every Georgia resident will be involved in a car accident. That’s more than 70 drivers per hour!

Best Places To Live in Lithonia, Georgia

The city’s most desirable districts are towards the southwest, while the east offers more inexpensive housing. If you check enough real estate listings, you will find that the median house price in Lithonia, GA, is $162,952, which is significantly less than the national median of $376,286. Depending on how much room you want in a home or apartment, the price can vary widely. The Georgia MLS is consulted by most real estate professionals who provide customer service to potential homebuyers.

A large number of places with similar populations, such as Hagerstown, MD, and Pasco, WA, have home prices significantly higher than homes in Lithonia. Lithonia property prices are less costly than the state of Georgia’s average of $263,389. According to the market, these are the best neighborhoods: the areas where people want to live the most. For those who wish to rent, the average rental cost in the area is $1,413 per month. Prices vary by real estate listings.

Many potential residents also have school aged children and should be mindful of the local school systems. Lithonia High School serves 9-12th grade students and has a student body of approximately 1,450 students. Miller Grove High School is the other high school in the area. Stoneview Elementary School serves pre-K through 5th grade and has a student body of approximately 930 students. If you are looking for convenience, downtown Lithonia may be a good option. Lithonia Park is walking distance from main street and offers a nice green space to relax or do exercise.

Some locations in Lithonia have lower crime rates and overall higher quality of life, but home prices reflect the disparity. Lithonia’s neighborhoods vary substantially in terms of quality. For those wishing to scout out the area to see if it suits your personal preferences and personal information, the Fairfield Inn hotel in Stonecrest offers a convenient accomodation with a fitness center.

Where To Get Lithonia, Georgia News

Residents of Lithonia can use Nixle to get real-time public safety news alerts. The Lithonia police department has teamed with Nixle to install its community notification system, which will notify people of localized emergency situations and pertinent community advisories in real time.

All Lithonia police department alerts are locally focused, allowing people to get customized, relevant alerts. Nixle Alerts can be sent instantly by text, email, the web, or the Nixle mobile app. Nixle has worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the National Blue Alert Network, and Google for unparalleled data protection.

Simple registration procedures

  1. Text 888777 and your zip code from your mobile phone.
  2. Go to the Lithonia Police Department’s website and sign up using the Nixle Widget.

Local news networks in the Atlanta, Georgia, area cover news happenings in Lithonia. WSB News, FNC, and Fox 5 Atlanta are some of the more popular stations.

Stonecrest Mall

The Stonecrest Mall, which opened in 2001 and is located along Interstate 20 in eastern Metro Atlanta, is a large regional shopping mall. Dillard’s, JCPenney, Macy’s, Lisa Young, and SeaQuest Interactive Aquariums are among the mall’s anchors.

A cinema theater is located in the outdoor plaza near the pavilion food court and is attached to the mall on the second story. In 2014, as old eateries closed, new ones opened in the plaza. The mall caters to a varied clientele, including African Americans and Hispanics, and offers both black and white Santas throughout the Christmas season.

On November 1, 2016, Kohl’s department store at Atlanta’s Sears mall closed. The structure was converted into offices for the Atlanta Sports City development project, which was abandoned in 2019. In March 2017, Round One Entertainment, a bowling and entertainment center, opened. In 2021, SeaQuest aimed to construct the world’s largest aquarium in the former Sears shop.

Near the Stonecrest Mall you can find the Southeast Athletic Complex, a popular location for youth sports. In other words, the area is full of attractions for all ages.

Lithonia Personal Injury Attorney Resources

Have you been injured in a car accident in Lithonia, Georgia? Do you have any doubts about whether or not you have a viable accident claim? Get straight answers from a dependable Lithonia personal injury lawyer. To preserve your rights after an injury, contact a Wolfe Law Group, LLC attorney immediately.

What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do for You?

Our legal experts can thoroughly examine your claim, develop the strongest case possible, and represent you in negotiations with insurance companies.

Most importantly, you owe us nothing unless and until we recover for you. There is no cost and no commitment to participate. All we want is for you to be aware of your legal alternatives and rights. For a free case evaluation, contact us.

So, whether you were damaged in a car accident, on the job, or as a victim of a violent crime, our team of skilled Lithonia personal injury attorneys can fight on your behalf to obtain the necessary compensation.

What Does Personal Injury Law Cover?

Personal injury law covers injuries and damage sustained in instances such as slips, trips and falls, vehicles, motorcycles, farm machinery, natural disasters, and catastrophic events. This includes injuries sustained when someone is hurt at work by construction equipment, defective products, animals, and other entities that can cause injury.

A person who has been hurt can bring a civil lawsuit in court and receive a legal remedy (“damages”) for all losses resulting from an accident or other incident resulting from the negligent actions of another party.

When To Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident, injury, or wrongful death, you should contact a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible. This is valid whether you were harmed in a single car accident or multi-vehicle car collision or a slip and fall accident on private or public property. The sooner you engage a law office with an experienced personal injury attorney, the more possibilities you’ll have for recovering personal injury compensation. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyer frequently serves victims in the Lithonia area and offers these Lithonia personal injury attorney resources to help victims in the community.

Despite this, it is very uncommon for a personal injury victim to put off calling or engaging a lawyer. Sometimes it is because personal injury victims believe there is a question of liability that may not be in their favor. Other times it could be due to a misguided idea that the insurance companies will “take care of the problem” or the sheer magnitude of the situation. We also encounter family members of wrongful death victims who sometimes hold back from calling a lawyer because of the emotional pain from confronting the subject. By not calling a competent law firm after a personal injury accident and before speaking to an insurance adjuster, injury victims face the risk of jeopardizing what could be a straight forward injury claim. Review our attorney profile and you will see that attorney Wolfe cares about helping the public and understands the sensitive nature of the situation of his client.

Car accidents happen nearly every day in and around Lithonia. Whether it is Covington Highway, Conyers Street, or Evans Mill Road, no street in Lithonia is guaranteed to be car accident-free. If you have been involved in a car crash in or around one of these areas, you may have a case.

Whatever your circumstances, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible to explore personal injury compensation. You never know when you may need a trial lawyer in these circumstances, and Wolfe Law Group is here to help.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

Attorneys representing a client injured in a car accident, trucking accident, or motorcycle accident, help them obtain compensation for their losses. Loss of earning capability, incapacity to perform usual duties, suffering, and discomfort are all examples of these losses in a personal injury claim. They also cover unexpected costs such as loss of companionship, legal fees, emotional suffering, and attorney fees. How do we know? Because Wolfe Law Group’s only practice area is personal injury.

In car accident cases, we move quickly to establish what happened and make sure the evidence is preserved. Sometimes if insurance coverage is denied, the evidence obtained through diligent investigation becomes crucial to a car accident lawyer proving the case.

In a catastrophic injury case such as a spinal cord injury, the process of doing a thorough investigation becomes even more important. The greater the physical injury, the greater the damages incurred. Lithonia personal injury victims who have suffered a catastrophic injury should consider their personal injury attorney part of their support network. The attorney will assist with keeping track of the personal injury client’s medical treatment which is almost always a tremendous help.

How Does Personal Injury Settlement Work?

In certain circumstances, the procedure is straightforward. For example, when a motor insurance company recognizes that their insured customer is at fault, an injury payout is more likely to be achieved.

Most individual injury cases are settled out of court. Instead of devoting time and resources to bringing a case to trial, the parties involved (usually the plaintiff’s and defendant’s lawyers) agree on how much money the plaintiff should receive as compensation. The size of the injury case will impact how the rest of the case proceeds.

The defense attorney frequently represents an insurance company. The litigation will come to a halt if the insurance company does not feel ready to initiate serious settlement discussions. Defense lawyers use this tactic to see if the plaintiff is willing to settle. Patience isn’t simply a virtue; it can also help you get a fair and just settlement.

How Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Get Paid?

Personal injury attorneys are most often compensated on a contingency basis. A contingency fee is only paid if the attorney wins the case; it is not guaranteed. If the lawsuit is won, the lawyer is paid a share of the plaintiff’s reward. The person who files the case is not obligated to pay an attorney’s fee.

Lithonia Physical Therapy

Over 4.4 million injuries caused by automobile accidents necessitate immediate medical attention. Broken bones, severe brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and deep wounds are all typical injuries in the workplace. If not treated promptly, these injuries can result in long-term and permanent damage to your body. Trucking cases can produce even worse injuries. In a truck accident, the physics of the accident change drastically due to the weight of the tractor truck compared to just a car. But regardless of the type of personal injury case you have, it is important to attend your physical therapy appointments.

You can also consider an Atlanta chiropractor or a Lithonia chiropractor if you want an alternative to physical therapy. There are some similarities between the two types of treatment. We suggest talking to a qualified physical therapist and qualified chiropractor to determine what is best for your particular physical injury.

Lithonia has a lot to offer its residents when it comes to physical therapy. In many cases, physical therapy can help people get back the strength and mobility they’ve lost due to an injury or illness. When you need a physical therapy lawyer in Lithonia, it’s good to consult with a personal injury lawyer who can help you understand your rights and help you find the right resources for your needs. Besides helping you receive the care you need, we can gather information about your treatment for an insurer, jury, or judge.

Wolfe Law Group, LLC has extensive experience representing accident victims and their families in court and winning cases. Super Lawyers magazine has recognized Justin Wolfe as a Super Lawyer Rising Star for multiple years in a row. If you are a client of Wolfe Law Group, your We know how the Lithonia legal system works and where to look for evidence. We provide a no-obligation consultation at no cost to you.