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If you have been injured in an accident due to the fault of another person, and are considering hiring a personal injury lawyer, the information below will be useful to you.

How do I know if I have a Griffin personal injury case?

Personal injury law relates to situations where negligence has occurred. Negligence happens when one party (an individual or business) has a duty to act or refrain from acting due to a particular duty or standard of care, the party fails to fulfill that duty, and that failure to follow the duty both actually and proximately causes damages to a victim. Victims who are involved in these types of incidents often hire a personal injury attorney or law firm to represent them. A case involving this type of incident normally involves lawyers fighting an insurance company.

What are considered damages in personal injury?

Damages come in different forms in a personal injury case. General damages come from the pain and suffering caused by your injury or injuries. This includes mental anguish and diminished quality of life. Normally a greater amount of damages are awarded for a catastrophic injury compared to a soft tissue injury. During your personal injury claim, you will likely incur medical expenses. As an injured victim you may also incur lost wages due to your injuries. Medical expenses and lost wages are considered special damages. During personal injury cases, your Griffin personal injury lawyer will gather your medical records and medical bills to substantiate the value of the compensation that should be paid for your personal injury case.

What steps should I take after a Griffin car accident?

Immediately after an accident, the first step to take is to call 911 and report any injuries that you may have. If you need emergency medical care for injuries from the motor vehicle accident, go seek it now. Apart from contacting law enforcement and seeking medical treatment as needed, the most important steps for victims to take after automobile accidents relate to documenting the incident.

Take photographs of the car accident and give them to your attorney

Your attorney‘s primary job as your legal representation is to obtain the maximum compensation possible for you. A trial attorney proves cases through presentation of evidence to a judge or jury. Lawyers present evidence in a compelling way to tell their client’s story. Photographs and video are two of the principal forms of evidence used by trial lawyers in court in a personal injury case involving a car crash.

For these reasons, it is very important that you take photographs of the damage to ALL of the vehicles involved in the crash. You should take many photographs, from different angles, both close up, and from far away. You should also take photographs of the scene of the crash, whether it be an intersection or on the side of a roadway. There may be debris on the roadway that demonstrates the severity of the crash.

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Attorney Justin Wolfe has represented Plaintiffs from Griffin since he first became a lawyer after law school. He has been a member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association for years. Justin brings a wealth of personal injury experience to bear on each case he handles representing accident victims. He devotes his entire practice to personal injury, not family law, not criminal defense, not child custody issues-he is exclusively a Plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer.

Justin has been recognized as a best lawyers in the State of Georgia and in metro Atlanta by numerous publications. Super Lawyers Magazine has identified him as a Super Lawyer Rising Star for multiple years in a row. He has experience handling car accident cases, wrongful death cases, medical malpractice cases, slip and fall cases, and more. He is even licensed in California and can represent you against a California defendant in a California court if necessary.

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Griffin Courts Where Personal Injury Cases May Be Presented

Superior Court of Spalding County


132 E Solomon St

Griffin, GA 30223, United States

State Court of Spalding County

Phone: 770-467-4474

132 E Solomon St

Griffin, GA 30223, United States

Griffin Law Enforcement Agencies

Griffin Police Department

Phone: 770-229-6450

868 W Poplar St

Griffin, GA 30224, United States

Spalding County Sheriff’s Office

Phone: 770-467-4282

401 Justice Blvd

Griffin, GA 30224, United States

Griffin Wrongful Death Resources

If you have recently experienced the loss of a loved one, please let us express our sincere condolences. We hope that these resources will be assistance to you and your family. Our law office is at your disposal for any legal questions you may have about wrongful death.

Haisten McCullough Funeral Home

Phone: 770-229-4994

1155 Everee Inn Rd

Griffin, GA 30224, United States

Conner-Westbury Funeral Home

Phone: 770-227-2300

1891 W McIntosh Rd

Griffin, GA 30223, United States

McDowell’s Funeral Home, Inc.

Phone: 770-228-2070

305 N Hill St

Griffin, GA 30223, United States

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