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With the congestion of I-75, I-85 connector in the heart of Atlanta, car accidents leading to personal injury claims happen in great abundance. This in turn creates a huge demand for Atlanta personal injury lawyers. The personal injury attorneys in Atlanta can generally be divided into two types of law firms-big advertisers and boutique firms. Wolfe Law Group is a boutique personal injury firm. At a large billboard advertising law firm, you as a client may rarely (or never) communicate with your attorney during your personal injury case. The lawyers at these firms often manage hundreds of cases, and sometimes only even handle the pre-litigation (meaning, before a lawsuit is filed) phase of their entire caseloads. In such a firm, a case manager may be the person who is responsible for communicating to you what is going on in your case. Case managers are not lawyers, and do not have law degrees. In other words, you in all likelihood will not maintain a direct connection with your personal injury attorney in the way that you would with a boutique Atlanta personal injury law firm like Wolfe Law Group. And since these lawyers normally only handle pre-litigation, it begs the question whether they are preparing your case to be trial ready in the event that they cannot obtain maximum compensation for you from the insurance company. You may want to consider the motivations and reality of the attorney‘s caseload when considering whether one of the billboard advertising law firm‘s is a fit for you. Given the pressures created by their high volume of cases, these lawyers may often be more inclined to settle cases quickly and not necessarily for the maximum value. Resolving a personal injury case for maximum value often takes time, and frequently requires litigation.

On the other hand, a boutique law office may be just a solo practitioner with a couple members of support staff. A personal injury at a boutique law firm likely has a much smaller caseload, but has the ability to devote much more attention to the details of each case, and gain a greater understanding of how the pain and suffering of a car accident victim effects his or her daily life. And because a boutique personal injury law firm has fewer cases, they have a greater interest in building each case for success from the very beginning. Law firm‘s like Wolfe Law Group specialize in taking cases from their inception, through litigation and until settlement or verdict to gain maximum compensation for each accident victim. The other reality of hiring a boutique law firm is that as a client, you will have much greater access to the attorney. It is unlikely that you will have to jump through many layers of support staff just in hopes of getting a minute of your Atlanta personal injury lawyer‘s time. The ability to communicate directly with your Atlanta personal injury attorney means that you are more likely to get an understanding of the direction of the case as a whole. He can explain to you how each fact of your accident, medical bills, and medical treatment factor into the bigger picture of your case and ultimate goal of recovering maximum value for you. Being on the same page with your attorney is tremendously advantageous for your case. When you can reach your Atlanta personal injury lawyer to discuss your claim, you are more likely to work together towards the common goal. Your attorney will have a greater opportunity to pick up on your personality traits or aspects of your daily life which may prove to be critical in presenting your case to a jury at a trial one day in the future.

In sum, tv commercials, billboards, and radio jingles of attorneys heavily invested in advertising may catch your eyes and ears, but do not mistake these as being signs that the law office is necessarily the best fit for you. For most personal injury cases, you only have a two year statute of limitations and Georgia law only allows one re-filing of a lawsuit. This means that if you are in a personal injury accident in Atlanta, you should think first about what you value in a service provider before selecting a lawyer. If you are looking for a lawyer who is personable, with experience, a track record of success, and who will offer his time to you and the Atlanta community, we suggest that you call Wolfe Law Group immediately if you have been in an accident due to someone’s negligence. Personal injury attorney Justin Wolfe is ready and available to speak to you about your personal injury claim.

Who is the best personal injury attorney in Atlanta

The question of who is the best Atlanta personal injury lawyer is a common questioned asked by those Atlanta accident victims who have sustained an injury. This can easily turn into a discussion similar to who is the best basketball player ever-Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Lebron James? It’s important to remember, that just like every person is different, so too are personal injury attorneys. It is most important to find the attorney that you feel is the best personal injury lawyer for YOU and not everyone else.

There are numerous ways to measure which Atlanta personal injury attorney is the best to represent you in your personal injury claim after your accident. But because every client has a different personality, for many Atlanta personal injury accident victims the best Atlanta personal injury lawyer is the one who you feel a good connection with. One of the main reasons that you “clicking” with your attorney is important in a personal injury case is because your personal injury lawyer is going to be your spokesperson following the accident. Your lawyer will need to understand intimate details of your life from the outset. You should feel comfortable discussing personal matters with your lawyer since he may need to present these facts to a jury one day to argue your case. Even after what may initially seem like a simple car accident, sometimes your injuries may manifest themselves in such a way as to incur high medical bills and lead to you requiring extensive future medical care. These types of auto accident cases often require that a personal injury lawsuit be filed and the case be pushed to trial to tell the story of the injury victim. If your personal injury attorney has built rapport with you throughout the case, he will be able to present to a jury of the public an intimate picture of how what seemed initially like whiplash is in fact a catastrophic injury with life long consequences. Only an Atlanta personal injury attorney is going to understand how your injury has robbed you of your connection with and ability to participate in our community. The importance of this quality in an attorney-client relationship is amplified in a wrongful death case. When a loved one passes away, the level of emotion felt by his or her family is unparalleled, especially when the cause of death is because of the negligence of another person or a business. A wrongful death lawyer who takes such a case needs to understand a lot more than personal injury law, he must understand the family’s pain, and be able to show what the deceased meant to both the family and the Atlanta community.

So consider this-if you do not feel empathy from the law office that you hire, how do you expect that such an Atlanta personal injury lawyer will be able to make a jury empathize with your situation?

Another gauge of who is the best Atlanta personal injury attorney is their reputation in the community. Has your attorney been recognized by Super Lawyer magazine or National Trial Lawyers as a top Atlanta personal injury attorney? And what about other local, state, national, and global organizations? Have they identified your attorney as being the best? Many publications have a rigorous selection process so that only the best personal injury attorneys are identified.

The other consideration to take into account to determine if the lawyer is the best attorney in Atlanta to handle your personal injury case relates to experience. Keep in mind, the age of the attorney or the duration of time that the attorney has been licensed do not necessarily translate to being experienced. As famed NFL football coach Vince Lombardi once said, “practice does not make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect.” There are many Atlanta lawyers who only know how to handle a pre-lawsuit personal injury claim. Handling a claim is one level, but properly building up a personal injury case to be tried in front of a jury requires greater skill, specialized knowledge, and experience.

How do Atlanta personal injury lawyers work

The method of payment for legal representation in personal injury cases is usually the same in terms of fee structure. Normally personal injury attorneys agree to a contingency (we don’t get paid unless you do) fee structure. This means that the personal injury attorney recovers a set percentage of the compensation that he obtains for you. The percentage is normally between 33.33% and 40%. Because the lawyer will get paid from your personal injury claim on a percentage basis, your Atlanta personal injury lawyer is incentivized to recover the maximum compensation for you for your accident. Your lawyer will use evidence such as photographs of the accident and injury, your medical bills, and your medical records, to establish the amount of your general damages, economic damages, and if appropriate, punitive damages. Generally, the more damage suffered, the greater the value of the case.

How do personal injury settlements work in Atlanta

This depends on your case, and how the law firm that you hired has assisted you with your medical bills. A competent personal injury lawyer will discuss with you at the beginning of the case your options for paying for your medical bills for the treatment for your injuries following your car accident, premises liability incident, or truck accident. One method of payment for medical bills may work best in one case but not another. For example, if an injury victim from a boating accident has a health insurance policy with a very low deductible and does not mind paying for the co-pay fees of his insurance, it is likely most appropriate for the client to use his health insurance to pay for the medical care and resultant medical bills. In a second scenario, a client without health insurance needs medical treatment following a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of an at-fault driver but she does not have a method to pay for medical bills. In this example, it would be best for her to receive medical care on a lien basis. This means that the treating physician’s medical bills will be paid from the gross proceeds of the compensation received in the settlement. For example, if the gross compensation of the settlement is $100,000, the lawyer charges 33.33%, and the client has medical bills on a lien of $20,000, the client will receive $46,660 (assuming the lawyer has no out of pocket expenses to be reimbursed by the client and there are no other liens on the case). In sum, on a lien, the doctor’s compensation comes from the proceeds of the case.

Sometimes a client in an Atlanta personal injury case may take out a loan against their case, approved by their attorney. Personal injury lawyers should use good judgment before agreeing to such loans. Many clients face a long road in their physical and mental recovery after suffering injuries because of someone’s negligence. A loan may put them at financial ease in the short term, but when settlement day comes and these clients see less money than they expected, they forget about the loans that they took which “ate up” the compensation that they would have otherwise received in their settlement proceeds. Personal injury law in Georgia does not prohibit these loans, but they should be utilized with care.

Atlanta personal injury law

Personal injury law in Atlanta applies Georgia law, and in some cases, federal law. Whether the case derives from a motor vehicle accident, involves a traumatic brain injury from a premises liability slip and fall, the rules of negligence will apply. The difference between an Atlanta personal injury lawyer and other Georgia lawyers is that the Atlanta lawyer may be much more familiar with local Atlanta personal injury law in the form of municipal codes or ordinances which could help establish a standard of care. What is the standard of care? The standard of care is what is used to establish what duty a defendant had at the time of the accident. A law firm that handles more cases in Atlanta than other parts of Georgia will obviously be much more familiar with Atlanta personal injury law that sets the duty locally for Defendants.

Another thing that can be considered closely related to Atlanta personal injury law is familiarity with the Atlanta area. An Atlanta personal injury lawyer may over the course of his career represent numerous clients who have been involved in a car accident in the same intersection, in the same manner, and with similar injuries. Even though every case is different, similarities in cases certainly provide an attorney with ideas for strategies to obtain maximum compensation for clients. The same relates to wrongful death cases. Much of wrongful death cases revolves around proving the value of the decedent’s life. Yes, this sounds grim, but it is the law. Proving the value of an Atlanta decedent’s life often requires that the attorney be familiar with the community.

At Wolfe Law Group, our attorney Justin Wolfe has devoted his entire legal career to helping personal injury victims in Atlanta. If you or a loved one have been a victim of a car accident, premises liability incident, or wrongful death, do not hesitate to contact us now for a free consultation-(404) 348-0884.