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If you or a loved one are the victim of a personal injury accident or wrongful death in Smyrna due to the negligence of an at-fault party, we encourage you to read this Smyrna personal injury resource guide. You will find helpful information below including information about hiring a personal injury lawyer, what to expect from a personal injury case, and much more.

How does a Smyrna personal injury lawyer work?

Personal injury attorneys engage in legal representation of personal injury accident victims. A personal injury victim is someone who has been injured due to another party (individual or business) committing an act of negligence. Negligence is a multi-element test. It occurs when the at-fault party has a duty to follow a rule or meet a certain standard, and they deviate from that standard or fail to meet the duty that is required of them. When it is proven that the at-fault party had such a duty, and then as an actual and proximate cause, the failure to act in accordance with that duty causes injury to the accident victim, you will likely find that negligence exists.

It is the Smyrna personal injury attorney‘s job to prove each part of negligence to try to get his clients the maximum compensation. Every case is different, but you will almost certainly be dealing with an insurance company who does not want to pay an appropriate amount of compensation for the personal injury claim. Getting a personal injury attorney on your side for your case is easier than you think. The process for each case is similar in the initial steps after you contact a Smyrna personal injury lawyer.

How to hire a personal injury attorney. Can I afford a personal injury lawyer?

Yes, you absolutely can afford a personal injury lawyer because you do not owe any money until the lawyer recovers for you. Personal injury lawyers normally work on a contingency fee basis of between 33.33%-40% and offer a free case evaluation to the injured victim to determine if a case exists. The attorney will start by asking potential clients about the accident. It is wise to make sure that if you have any documentation related to the accident, have it ready in case the personal injury lawyer wants to review it. Normally a personal injury attorney handles car accident cases. So consider this, if you are hiring a car accident lawyer, you will want to have ready the photographs of the car accident scene and vehicles. The car accident lawyer will most certainly want to see any photographs and videos that you have, as well as any medical bills that you have already incurred. This includes photographs of your injuries that are causing you pain.

At the point of the initial consultation, a qualified personal injury lawyer will not be able to tell you the amount of financial compensation that you will receive from the case. Personal injury lawyers who do this should be avoided as they are likely making false promises to you. However, during a consultation for a Smyrna personal injury accident, the Smyrna personal injury lawyer will likely be able to tell you whether you truly do have a personal injury case as a result of your accident.

The reason that the lawyer cannot accurately predict the amount value of your case or how much compensation you will receive is that your damages are not yet calculable. In terms of value, demonstrating to an insurance company or jury the amount of past and future damage is part of personal injury lawyers‘ jobs. Even if you take with you your medical bills to the consultation, most personal injury victims are still attending medical appointments for their injuries. This means that the damages are still being compiled. The other thing is that it will be impossible for the lawyer to know at the beginning which insurance policies will provide coverage for the accident, and what the limitations are of each policy. Even though the lawyer cannot tell you the value of your case, he can certainly give you legal advice and put your mind at ease about your medical expenses. Clients of a personal injury law firm normally complete a HIPPA release that allows the law firm to obtain medical records and bills that can be used in the case to justify payment of compensation from each insurance company involved.

The personal injury lawyer‘s case investigation

Once you hire the accident lawyer, he will have his law office get hard to work on an accident investigation for your personal injury case. These are the initial stages of “building” the case. If the victim is actually a family member who is filing a wrongful death claim on behalf of a deceased family member, know that the investigation will not be like a normal car accident case or slip and fall with injuries. The lawyer will need to contact the coroner’s office, and likely will need to obtain probate or marriage documents. Similar extra steps must be taken when a law firm needs to investigate a catastrophic injury. Often times in a case where a catastrophic injury has occurred the injury victim is not in a mental (often due to brain injury) or physical state (often due to a spinal cord injury) well enough to be a valuable witness in the case. In such a circumstance, tan experienced personal injury will have his law office contact as many witnesses as are available in a case to find out what they know. The attorney will then have an opportunity to learn about the case from the witnesses who may have valuable testimony.

As the case progresses following the initial investigation, the personal injury lawyer will have a better understanding as to the value of the case. He and his law firm will monitor your medical treatment by periodically checking in on you. The lawyer will make a determination as to the best time to send a settlement demand based on what insurance coverage is available, your medical treatment and amount of bills, and a variety of other factors. Some clients spend months in chiropractic care only to find that they need more serious medical care from an orthopedist and sometimes surgery. Point being-it can take time for pain to resolve and for your path to recovery to become clear. Showing how much pain you have experienced is what entitles you to compensation. All of this takes time, especially in personal injury accidents where catastrophic injuries have occurred. When a settlement demand is made to the insurance company, this is an official step taken by the personal injury attorney to get you the compensation you deserve.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit

If the insurance company does not pay fair compensation for your case, the personal injury lawyer will likely prepare and file a lawsuit on your behalf. Many law firms who claim to practice personal injury in fact only handle cases in the pre-litigation phase and then refer you to a different law firm to file a lawsuit and go to court. At Wolfe Law Group, we have an experienced personal injury attorney that handles cases from inception to completion, even if a lawsuit needs to be filed.

Is hiring a personal injury lawyer worth it?

If you want maximum compensation for your case and wish to know your legal rights, then yes, it absolutely is worth it to hire an experienced personal injury attorney. Unless you wake up one day and somehow thousands of hours of experience of personal injury law miraculously find themselves stored in your brain and a law license arrives at your doorstep, you absolutely should hire a personal injury lawyer. An attorney spends a lifetime training and developing his craft to help victims of car accidents, motorcycle accident, and wrongful death.

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