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Wolfe Law Group is proud to assist Dacula personal injury accident victims in their claims against insurance companies. If you have been involved in an accident due to the negligence of another and you are interested in pursuing a personal injury claim, below you can find helpful resources that likely pertain to the situation you or your loved one are currently facing.

What should you do after a car accident in Dacula?

If you have been involved in an auto accident and sustained bodily injury, the first steps to take are to call the police and seek medical for your injuries. Beyond calling the police and seeking medical treatment, the most important of the initial steps is to take many photographs of the car accident.

Taking photographs of the damage to the vehicles

There are many reasons why it is so important to take photographs of the damage to the vehicles involved in a car accident. One of the main reasons is to document exactly what happened as a snapshot in time to assist in telling the story of your personal injury case at a later date. After a personal injury lawsuit is filed, your case may go to a jury trial with a jury panel comprised of strangers who have no idea about any fact concerning your accident.

Time passes and useful evidence of your accident can disappear

In personal injury cases that go to trial, it may take your personal injury lawyer years to get your case to trial. The lengthy wait is not due to any fault or problem with your Dacula personal injury lawyer, the timeline for these civil cases in Georgia simply takes a long time. When your injury case eventually goes to trial, your attorney will seek to prove your right to a recovery of maximum compensation by presenting favorable evidence. Between the time of your accident and your trial, your memory and that of the witnesses may fade. But the pictures that you took of the damage to the vehicles will remain in the same condition. It is a snapshot in time to preserve the memory of exactly what happened.

Photographs of the injury you sustained

In any type of personal injury case, including truck accident cases, it is important to document each injury that you attribute to the accident. These photographs may includes images of bumps, bruises, cuts, scrapes, stitches, braces, bandaids, etc. Your Dacula personal injury attorney may use these photographs to support a settlement demand that is sent to an insurance company. When a settlement demand is sent along with your medical bills, visual aids that demonstrate the severity of your injuries allow an insurance company to get the whole picture.

You should provide all of the photographs to the law office of your personal injury attorney.

If I am in a truck accident, is there anything different that I should do?

Yes, truck accident cases are actually significantly different than car accident cases in many respects. In a truck accident case, there is a wider variety of manners that liability may be found. The most obvious difference relates to the manner in which a Defendant truck driver may be liable for violating federal law for exceeding the amount of time permitted to drive in a consecutive period and eventually causing a crash due to fatigue. No federal regulation exists for regular motorists.

What am I entitled to in a Georgia personal injury case?

If you have been injured due to the negligent acts of an at-fault party, you may be entitled to general damages and special damages. These are known as compensatory damages, i.e., they are designed to “compensate” you for your losses. For example, your medical expenses and lost wages are considered special damages. You are entitled to compensation for these bills. Your personal injury attorney will compile all of your medical bills prior to making a settlement demand to try to resolve your case.

What about punitive damages under Georgia law?

If the at-fault party has acted with reckless or wanton disregard, or malice, an award of punitive damages may occur. Unlike compensatory damages which exist to make you whole in light of the damages you have incurred, punitive damages are for the purpose of punishing the at-fault party to motivate the party to curb whatever egregious behavior led to the assessment of punitive damages.

So what exactly is personal injury law?

Personal injury is a blanket term used for a variety of different types of cases involving negligence. For example, a wrongful death case or a trucking accident case are both types of personal injury cases, just like a car accident. The initial investigation by an attorney will seek to determine liability and shortly thereafter the at-fault party’s insurance company will normally make a determination as to whether they will provide coverage for the incident. A personal injury law firm is a type of law firm that devotes its practice area exclusively to these types of cases and not mixing other practice areas like family law or criminal defense. This is an important consideration when you are deciding what law firm or lawyer to hire. The lawyer will be your representative against each insurance company throughout the duration of your personal injury case.  The attorney will use Georgia law to seek out all insurance coverage available for your car crash or accident.  Once the attorney finds all available insurance coverage, he seeks maximum compensation for his clients from the available insurance for their injuries, lost wages, and medical bills.

What happens during a free consultation with an attorney?

Potential clients who speak to an injury lawyer about their personal injury claim can expect an informative discussion.  For example, if you were involved in a car crash, the attorney may discuss with you the Georgia law about both your personal injury claim and your property damage claim.  The lawyer may discuss with you how different types of medical care affect a personal injury case, such as chiropractic care versus orthopaedic care.  If your personal injury accident occurred while you were on the job, the lawyer will likely discuss with you workers’ compensation also.  If you had an accident while on the job, you may be eligible for both a personal injury claim and a workers’ compensation claim simultaneously.

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