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This page provides resources for those who have been involved in a Kennesaw personal injury accident, or who have a friend or loved one who has been involved in such an accident. As a law firm that specializes in helping Kennesaw personal injury victims, we know what you or your loved ones are going through following an accident. Below you will find useful information for personal injury from a Kennesaw personal injury lawyer.

When to hire a personal injury attorney

There are many different circumstances when you should consider hiring a Kennesaw personal injury lawyer.

You have been involved in a car accident in Kennesaw

Perhaps the most common personal injury cases, at least one car accident happens per day in the State of Georgia. If you are involved in an auto accident in which you were not the at-fault party, you probably have a personal injury claim if you feel any pain or discomfort afterwards that you attribute to the crash. Before considering the legal aspects of a car accident, you should first address your health. If you have been involved in a car accident, and feel like you need to seek medical care, you should do so now.

Taking photographs helps maximize compensation for your car accident case

Apart from seeking medical care, it is extremely important that you capture photographs and videos of the damage to the cars involved in the car crash, as well as the scene where the crash occurred. An experience personal injury attorney will always prepare your case from the beginning as though it may go to trial one day. In all car accident personal injury cases, photographs and video are crucial pieces of evidence to demonstrate to the jury how much compensation is appropriate for your personal injury case. You should also take photographs of each injury that you sustain. Photographs can be used by your attorney for purposes of proving liability and damages. Before a lawsuit is filed, your attorney will likely try to settle your case with the insurance company. By presenting photographs as supporting evidence, your attorney increases the chances that your Kennesaw personal injury attorney can get maximum compensation for you without having to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are similar to car accidents in that they both involve parties not following the rules of the road. However due to the way the body is exposed to hazards when operating a motorcycle, the damages are normally much more severe. There are also certain traffic rules that only apply to motorcycles. This means that if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, an insurance company will most certainly call into question whether you were following the rules. These are called the rules of the road, and are included in personal injury law.

Wrongful Death

If you are a family member who has recently lost a loved one and you believe that the death was caused by negligence of someone else, you may be able to bring a wrongful death claim. If you are in such a circumstance, you most certainly should contact a personal injury lawyer who has has experience dealing with an insurance company following a wrongful death. In Georgia, the surviving spouse of a deceased victim may have a claim. Others who can bring such a claim are, the surviving children of the deceased, the parents of the deceased, or the administrator or the executor of the estate. The rules on who can bring the claim are specific, and you should speak with a qualified Kennesaw personal injury lawyer who includes wrongful death as a practice area in his law office.

You have been involved in a workplace injury

If you have sustained injuries while on the job, you are almost certainly entitled to compensation through the Georgia Workers’ Compensation system. Additionally, if you were driving during work and had a car accident, or if you were on the premises of another business, you may have both a civil claim and a workers’ compensation claim at the same time. Workers’ compensation is very similar to personal injury as it also deals with injuries, however there are many differences between a workers’ compensation claim and a civil personal injury case. If you have been involved in a work accident while driving or on another business’s premises, you should seek legal advice from an experienced personal injury attorney who also has experience with workers’ compensation.

You have been injured while on the property of a business or another person-Premises Liability

You would be shocked at how many different series of events can lead to a premises liability case. The most common form are slip and fall personal injury cases. Other situations involve: a shooting on the premises of a business where the land owner or occupier knew of a propensity of shootings because of past events and did nothing; falling down stairs because the stairwell was not constructed per local building codes; portions of a building or structure falling onto the victim and striking them causing injuries. If any of these situations have happened to you, it is a good idea to have a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

Can I afford a personal injury lawyer?

Yes, you absolutely can afford to hire a personal injury lawyer. You do not owe any money up front when you hire a personal injury lawyer, and they do not bill you on an hourly basis. A personal injury lawyer normally offers a free consultation. During the consultation, the attorney will discuss with you what you can expect as a client, how your medical bills for your medical treatment can be paid, and what issues and strengths your case may have. The attorney will also explain his fee structure for your case. Normally a client is charged on a contingency basis by the attorney. This means that the attorney does not get paid unless he recovers money for you. Normally an attorney charges between 33.33%-40% of the gross amount of money that is recovered.

Is it worth it to hire a personal injury attorney?

Absolutely, especially if you have had a catastrophic injury such as a spinal cord injury. An experienced personal injury lawyer will have handled a case like yours in the past. He will know how to get compensation for your lost wages in your case, and identify when there may have been medical malpractice during medical treatment. It is almost a guarantee that an experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to obtain more compensation for you than you would be able to on your own.

Contact personal injury firm Wolfe Law Group today

If you think you may be in need for a Kennesaw personal injury attorney or Roswell personal injury lawyer, you should contact Wolfe Law Group now for a free consultation. Kennesaw is known for its civil war battleground site, if you have been injured and are thinking about pursuing a personal injury claim, you will need an attorney ready to do battle for you against an insurance company. At Wolfe Law Group, we only handle personal injury. If you talk to a lawyer who mentions things like child custody or family law on their website, they are not completely focused on personal injury. Our attorney Justin Wolfe has been recognized by Super Lawyers magazine as a Rising Star for personal injury for multiple years in a row. Super Lawyers magazine awards this distinction to only 2.5% of attorneys. Give us a call today and talk to our attorney about your case-(404) 348-0884.

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