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If you have been injured in an accident in Lawrenceville and are not sure about what the next steps are that you should take, you are in the right place. The Lawrenceville personal injury resources below will help you navigate the first steps after your accident.

What is personal injury law?

Personal injury law applies in situations where one party’s negligence causes injuries to a victim who suffers because of such negligence. To prove negligence, injury law requires first to show that the at-fault party (also known as the Defendant) had a duty to act in a certain way, or to refrain from certain behavior. Next, it must be proven that the at-fault party failed to act in accordance with that duty, and such failure both actually and proximately caused the injuries suffered by the victim. A personal injury lawyer specializes in building these cases. Within personal injury law, there are many types of cases. Below are some of the more common types of personal injury cases that fall under personal injury law.

Car Accident Cases in Lawrenceville

First and foremost, if you have been involved in a car accident and you require medical treatment but have not yet seen a doctor, stop reading and go seek medical treatment right now. Your health is the top priority in any personal injury case.

A car accident is perhaps the type of personal injury case that most commonly occurs. In a car accident, the question of the Defendant’s duty to act or refrain from acting relates to the rules of the road. The rules of the road are codified in Georgia law, and an experienced personal injury attorney will be familiar with them. If you have been involved in a car accident in Lawrenceville, the police officer who responded will complete a Georgia Uniform Traffic Report. Within the report, the Defendant driver will likely have been cited for following one of the rules of the road. You can normally see in the Georgia Uniform Traffic Report specifically which rule of the road was violated. The Defendant will likely have received a citation for violating the rule.

Proving that your injury, and medical treatment are proximately caused by the Defendant’s negligence

In any personal injury claim, an insurance company will try to find ways that they can dispute the Defendant’s responsibilities for your medical bills, pain, and suffering. Insurance companies want to pay as little compensation as they can in each claim. Even though actual fault can easily be determined in some car accidents, proximate cause becomes more complicated.

One of the most common disputes in proximate cause relates to the medical care of the victim. Sometimes an accident victim may have a history of medical treatment or symptoms of pain in the same body part that was injured in the accident for which they wish to pursue a personal injury case. In such circumstance, an insurance company will likely argue that the post-accident medical care and medical expenses of the injury victim are related to the pre-existing condition instead of the car accident.

Car accident victims need not fear that such pre-existing conditions will ruin their personal injury claim. In personal injury law, a Defendant is responsible for an aggravation of a pre-existing medical condition.

Insurance Policies covering car accidents

The other major factor in any personal injury claim from a car accidents is the amount of insurance available. An experienced car accident lawyer will contact each insurance company early on during a case. He will notify the insurance company that his law firm is representing you, and that the insurance company no longer has the right to contact you directly and instead must communicate through the law office.

A qualified Lawrenceville personal injury lawyer will explain to you during a free consultation that to some extent, the compensation that you are eligible to receive may depend on the amount of insurance coverage available for each applicable insurance policy. The attorney will explain to you that coverage in an automobile accident consists of liability coverage and underinsured motorist coverage.

Another personal injury practice area-Truck Accident Cases in Lawrenceville

A truck accident is not the same as a car accident. Our clients who are involved in a truck accident quickly realize during their free consultation with our attorney that their accident was not the same as an automobile accident. Truck accident cases can involve negligence in ways that do not occur in a car accident case. For example, due to federal law, tractor truck drivers are limited in the amount of hours that they are permitted to operate. A drowsy truck driver may be the cause of your personal injury accident. In such a case, it may be necessary to immediately file a personal injury lawsuit to conduct discovery to obtain the logbooks of the truck driver and determine whether he complied with federal law.

The other thing we often see different amongst our truck accident clients is the extent of their injuries. In Lawrenceville GA on roads like Sugarloaf Parkway and Georgia State Highway 124, the velocity at which tractor trucks move is greater than the speed which tractor trucks move in downtown Lawrenceville. Due to the massive size of these trucks, our attorney often sees clients with catastrophic injuries when a tractor truck is involved. Because truck accidents are part of our Lawrenceville practice areas, we are accustomed to the unique nature of these cases.

Motorcycle Accident Cases in Lawrenceville

Another type of personal injury cases are those derived from motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle accident can often produce serious injuries due to how exposed the rider is to the outside world compared to drivers of cars who are protected by. the body of the automobile. A motorcycle case is often different due to some of the duties imposed on motorcycle riders which are distinguishable from those of motorists in automobiles. For example, in Georgia a motorcycle rider cannot split a lane. Obviously lane splitting is not a topic that appears in automobile collisions due to the size of the vehicles making such a traffic maneuver impossible. If you want legal advice from an attorney who is prepared to handle a motorcycle case, Wolfe Law Group is here to help. As a motorcycle rider himself, our Lawrenceville personal injury attorney has both the personal and professional experience best suited to help you get just compensation following a motorcycle accident.

Wrongful Death Cases in Lawrenceville

Perhaps the most emotionally difficult of all types of personal injury cases for those involved, wrongful death cases are fundamentally distinct in terms of both the experience for the clients, and in terms of how the cases are handled from beginning to end. Real lawyers understand that a client is more than just a file on their desks. Never is empathy a more important quality for an attorney to possess than during a wrongful death case.

The Georgia Wrongful Death Act

In the State Of Georgia, wrongful death cases are governed by statute O.C.G.A. §51-4-2. Since Lawrenceville is within the State of Georgia, this rule applies. There is no local Lawrenceville municipal rule that can override the Georgia Wrongful Death Statute.

This code in Georgia law establishes who can bring a wrongful death case in Georgia. The rule is very specific about the type of relationship that must exist between the victim who died and who is eligible to bring suit to recover compensation for the value of the decedent’s life.

Who can bring a wrongful death claim in Georgia

  • The spouse-if the victim is survived by his or her husband or wife, the spouse generally has a right to bring a wrongful death claim against the negligent party;
  • Children-if the victim is not survived by a spouse, any of the children of the deceased victim can bring a claim for wrongful death;
  • Parents-if the victim is not survived by a spouse, nor children, the parents of the victim are next in line to bring a claim for wrongful death.

Your attorney will need documentation of your relationship with the victim in a Lawrenceville wrongful death case. For example, a marriage certificate, birth certificate, or paternity test could be required to demonstrate to an insurance company that you indeed can bring the claim under Georgia law.

Can I afford a personal injury attorney?

Yes, you certainly can-the law firm will not charge you any money up front, and they do not bill you by the hour. Personal injury law firms that handle Lawrenceville personal injury cases are no different. In personal injury, a law firm normally offers a free consultation with the firm’s personal injury lawyer. During the consultation, you will have an opportunity to tell the lawyer about your accident, your injuries, medical history, and about who you are as a person apart from your accident and injuries.

During the consultation, the lawyer will explain to you his fee structure. Normally in personal injury cases, a personal injury lawyer charges a contingency fee. What is a contingency fee? It means that the lawyer’s ability to get paid is dependent upon him recovering money for you. Normally a lawyer charges between 33.33%-40% of the amount of money recovered in your personal injury case. The personal injury lawyer will also pay for all of the costs associated with the case. These out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed to the attorney from the money the compensation that he recovers for you in the case.

The contingency fee structure makes it possible for anyone in the public to hire a personal injury attorney. And because the lawyer’s fee is dependent on recovering money for the client, the lawyer is motivated to get as much money as possible for clients.

Is a personal injury attorney worth it?

Without a doubt, your odds of recovering a greater amount of compensation in a personal injury case increase when you utilize the services of a qualified personal injury attorney. Unfortunately some people try to represent themselves and end up ruining their opportunity to recover maximum compensation. An attorney who specializes in personal injury will have a wealth of knowledge in dealing with situations similar to or just like your case. Because of their experience, top notch personal injury lawyers prepare each case from the beginning as though it will go to trial one day. The attorney will know exactly what to do to preserve useful evidence.

Contact Wolfe Law Group now for your Lawrenceville personal injury claim

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Other Useful Lawrenceville Personal Injury Resources

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Lawrenceville Location and Personal Injury Points of Contact

Lawrenceville Georgia is located Gwinnett County. If you have a Lawrenceville personal injury case and you go to trial, your case will likely go to the Gwinnett County Superior Court or the Gwinnett County State Court. The Gwinnett County courts are located in the Gwinnett County courthouse.

Law Enforcement in Lawrenceville

If you have an emergency, you should call 911. Below you will find the non-emergency contact information for law enforcement agencies in Lawrenceville.

Lawrenceville Police Department


300 Jackson St

Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Gwinnett County Police Department

800 Hi Hope Rd

Lawrenceville, GA 30043


Lawrenceville Courts

If you have a Lawrenceville legal matter for which you must attend Court, you will likely appear in one of the courts listed below.

Lawrenceville Municipal Court

70 S Clayton St

Lawrenceville, GA 30046


Gwinnett County Superior Court

75 Langley Dr

Lawrenceville, GA 30046


Gwinnett County State Court

75 Langley Dr

Lawrenceville, GA 30046


Gwinnett County Magistrate Court

75 Langley Dr

Lawrenceville, GA 30046