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If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident due to the fault of another, these resources are for you. Before taking any steps after your accident, you should take into consideration the information below about personal injury law and making a personal injury claim. We also suggest that you speak to a qualified personal injury lawyer like our attorney, Justin Wolfe, before you speak to any representative of an insurance company.

What should I do after a car accident in Woodstock?

First and foremost, you should seek medical treatment if you are injured. It is very important to document the car crash. The best way to document what happened is to take photographs.

Taking photographs of a car crash in Woodstock

Our personal injury attorney utilizes photographs whenever they are available in car accident cases. Insurance companies realize that every case has the potential to be brought before a jury. Presenting photographs of a car crash to a jury is one of the best methods of teaching them exactly what happened and how the victim’s injuries were caused by the at-fault party. After car accidents, victims should take photographs of the damage to their own car, and of the damage to the other vehicles involved in the crash. You should also take photographs of the surroundings of the car accident, such as the intersection, any abnormalities in the roadway, etc. These types of photographs will all be useful to the law firm during your personal injury case.

Take photographs of your injury following a car crash

In addition to the photographs of the damage of the automobiles, you should also take photographs of any injuries that you have sustained. The primary task of a Woodstock personal injury attorney is to recover compensation on his client’s behalf for injuries sustained in an accident. For this reason, if you can capture the injuries in a photograph, the photographs will be helpful evidence in your personal injury case. Part of personal injury law involves proving the damage that the victim has sustained as a result of the negligence of the at-fault party.

Taking photographs at the scene of a truck accident

If you have been involved in a truck accident with a tractor truck driver, taking photographs and video of the scene of the crash is of great importance. When a personal injury lawyer analyzes a truck accident case, he is making a determination of what negligent acts caused the collision. Truck accident cases are very different than car accident cases. For example, a truck driver may have failed to conduct a pre-trip inspection and missed a small mechanical abnormality that ultimately led to the occurrence of the collision. The failure to perform the inspection could be the negligent act. Sometimes in a truck accident, the contents of the truck’s cab spill out onto the roadway. The items could offer valuable information about the truck driver’s behavior prior to the collision. You should take photographs of these items.

What is personal injury law?

When one person fails (the at-fault party) to act in conformity with a duty he or she has to the public, and that failure to act causes harm to another (the injury victim), and the harm is directly linked to the failure of the at-fault party, negligence has occurred. It is the job of a personal injury accident lawyer to prove these cases on behalf of the injury victim. In the case of a wrongful death case, it is the job of the Woodstock personal injury lawyer to prove these elements on behalf of the family member or estate of the deceased. A personal injury case must have evidence to support each element of negligence. Your damages may include pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages. Even your physical therapy bills count. An attorney helps you obtain compensation for the damages you suffer.

Woodstock GA personal injury law

If you have been involved in an accident in Cherokee County, Georgia, the laws of the State of Georgia apply. For an auto accident, or motorcycle accident, the Georgia rules of the road will establish how the parties should have acted in the time leading up to and during the crash. In a product liability case, it is possible that federal law may apply. And in a premises liability case, it is possible that local municipal codes may apply. Once you hire your GA personal injury lawyer, he will give you legal advice that will include an explanation of the law.

Can I afford an attorney?

Yes, you most certainly can. A law office that devotes its resources to the practice area of personal injury normally offers a free consultation, and then charges the client on a contingency fee basis. Whether you hire a Roswell personal injury lawyer, Alpharetta personal injury lawyer, or Atlanta personal injury lawyer, all generally charge a fee of between 33.33%-40% of the compensation that is recovered for the client. The law firm will normally also pay for out of the out of pocket expenses during the case, and they will be reimbursed from the compensation obtained at the conclusion of the case.

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