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Norcross personal injury accidents happen every day. Norcross roadways are busy, which means that too often residents find themselves victims of car accident and in search of a personal injury attorney. According to one source, the population of Norcross in 2022 is 18,827. That number does not sound high, but when you consider that Norcross is sandwiched between the ever-congested U.S. interstate 85 and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, the number of motorists within the borders of Norcross is much greater each day. This means that due to the high volume of traffic in such a small community, many unsuspecting folks who are in the area find themselves in need of a Norcross personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Law in Norcross

Because Norcross is in the state of Georgia, the personal injury law that governs accidents in the area are the laws of the state, and sometimes local municipal law. At the law office of Wolfe Law Group, our personal injury attorney has years of handling personal injury cases in Norcross. Our personal injury attorney is familiar with the rules of the road in Georgia. This area of personal injury law is what sets the standard by which motorists in Norcross (and Georgia as a whole) must abide. If a victim of a car accident in Norcross suffers personal injury as a result of a motorist not following the rules of the road, then that driver is considered to have been negligent. A qualified personal injury attorney knows how to gather evidence to prove such a case. At Wolfe Law Group, our attorney Justin Wolfe specializes in practicing personal injury law. In fact, he has been recognized by Super Lawyer magazine as Georgia Super Lawyer Rising Star for multiple years in a row.

How does a Norcross Personal Injury Lawyer work?

If you are considering hiring a Norcross personal injury lawyer but are not sure what the role of personal injury lawyer is after an accident, do not worry. We can help you understand the role of a lawyer in your personal injury case.

The lawyer will determine if you have a personal injury case.

Normally a personal injury law firm will offer a free consultation to learn about your potential personal injury claim. Not every person involved in a car accident has a personal injury case. Georgia trial attorneys every year fight over the degree of fault each driver has in a car accident or truck accident where liability is disputed. Georgia is a modified comparative fault state, this means that your Norcross personal injury attorney will try to show how you are less than 50% at fault for an accident where such a question of fault exists. The modified comparative fault rules apply just the same when a wrongful death results from an accident. However in wrongful death, fault can be more difficult to determine since the deceased normally has no way of providing an eye witness account unless a form of dying declaration was made. A lawyer who has experience in wrongful death cases will know how to gather helpful evidence in ways other than just witness testimony so that fault can be established.

The lawyer will advise you of your rights following the accident.

If your lawyer devotes his practice area exclusively to personal injury law and not other areas like family law, during the free case evaluation he will be able to have foresight about what can happen in your particular case. One aspect that is virtually impossible for the attorney to predict during a free consultation is the value of your case. The reason this is impossible is because it will be unclear what amount of damage you will incur as a result of the accident, and the lawyer will need an opportunity to find out how much insurance coverage is available from each insurance company that provides coverage. You will receive legal advice from the lawyer about what your rights are, including what your options are for paying for your medical bills. Depending on the facts of your case, the lawyer may be able to forecast a punitive damages claim. For example, usually in a case where the Defendant was found drunk driving, punitive damages will result. Keep in mind, just because the Defendant’s actions show negligence, it does not always translate to huge sums of money in compensation. Negligence is only one aspect of a case. And in some cases, the lawyer may wish to immediately file a personal injury lawsuit and will advise you as to why such an action should be taken.

The law firm will contact the Norcross Police Department.

After you sign a fee contract with the lawyer and his law firm, one of the first steps the attorney will take in a Norcross personal injury claim is to contact the Norcross Police Department if they responded to the accident. More specifically, the lawyer will send an open records act request to try to obtain all reports, and audio and video recordings. These could be crucial pieces of evidence in your case that help get you maximum compensation. If liability is not certain from your initial consultation, the police report and videos usually assists lawyers in showing the at-fault party’s negligence.

The lawyer will periodically talk to you about your medical care.

When you hire legal representation and become a client of a law firm following an accident, the attorney will have you sign a HIPPA release form. Your medical records and medical bills are crucial pieces of evidence in a case as they are used to show the amount of damage that you have incurred to justify payment of maximum compensation for your case. Your attorney will want to know what type of treatment that your doctors are offering you so that he can get an idea of your medical costs. In some cases, there may be only $25,000 in insurance coverage. If that is the case, your medical expenses could quickly exceed the value of the available insurance if they are not monitored by your attorney. To make sure each injury victim gets compensation after a personal injury accident, the attorney has to use his judgment to balance the value of your case versus the available insurance versus your past and future medical bills. If you were on the job when your personal injury accident occurred, your attorney may be simultaneously handling a workers compensation case for you. In that circumstance, following your medical care and the approval process of procedures becomes even more important.

How does a Norcross car accident lawyer get paid?

A car accident lawyer in Norcross normally charges on a contingency fee basis. This means that instead of charging you by the hour, the attorney receives as payment a percentage of the gross amount of compensation recovered for you from each insurance company. Normally a personal injury attorney charges a client between 33.33%-40%. During your free consultation the attorney should review with each potential client his fee structure.

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Norcross Local Government Resources

Norcross Police Department


65 Lawrenceville Street

Norcross, GA 30071

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65 Lawrenceville St NW

Norcross, GA 30071

Gwinnett County Superior Court


75 Langley Dr

Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Georgia Department of Driver Services-Norcross


2211 Beaver Ruin Rd

Norcross, GA 30071

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