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Almost every day an accident in Riverdale Georgia leads an accident victim to search for a Riverdale personal injury lawyer. Our attorney only handles personal injury cases, and for that reason offers the information below to assist you in understanding what to expect following your accident, including the process of hiring a Riverdale personal injury attorney.

What to do after a Riverdale car accident.

Before taking any of these steps following a car accident, you should seek medical treatment if you are experiencing pain following the crash. You can help your ability to recover maximum compensation by following these steps.

Take photographs of the car accident

It is important to document your personal injury claim first by taking photographs of the damage to the vehicles involved in the crash. A personal injury lawyer builds a strong personal injury case through good evidence. Pairing photographs of the property damage of the vehicles involved with the story told in the crash report corroborates a victim’s story of what happened.

Take photographs of your injury.

There is no personal injury case without an injury. Apart from the medical records that will document your injuries, photographs are the best pieces of evidence. If you have any bruising, cuts, scrapes, bandages, surgical incision sites, or other evidence of your injuries, you should take photographs of them.

Do not speak to an insurance company without first speaking to a qualified personal injury lawyer.

It is important to keep in mind that after an accident, insurance companies do not have the same interests as the victim.

Can I afford a personal injury attorney?

Yes, you can afford to hire a Riverdale Georgia personal injury attorney. You do not get charged by the hour. A personal injury lawyer normally uses a contingency fee structure.

What is a contingency fee structure?

A law office charges a contingency fee when they do not earn money unless money is recovered in your face. This means that the law firm does not get paid until its lawyers recover money in your case, either through settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company or a verdict against the at-fault party. Normally lawyers who practice personal injury charge a contingency fee of 33.33% to 40% of the gross amount recovered.

Personal injury attorneys in Georgia offer a free consultation.

Normally a personal injury attorney in Georgia will offer a free consultation during which you can discuss your Riverdale GA personal injury claim with the attorney. During the free consultation you will tell the attorney about the accident. The attorney will talk to you about how personal injury law effects your specific set of circumstances. The accident lawyer may compare the nuances of your case to other types of cases such as wrongful death or catastrophic injury so that you can get a better understanding of your particular case. The lawyer will also discuss with you his contingency fee so that you can understand how the accident attorney will be paid from the compensation he obtains for you from the insurance companies involved.

What you should potential clients bring to a free consultation with a personal injury attorney?

If you have a copy of the Georgia Uniform Crash Report for your car crash, motorcycle accident, or truck accident, you should bring the document and give it to the attorney. If you have any photographs or video from the accident, damage to the vehicles, or your injuries, you should provide these to the attorney as well. These will help the attorney ascertain in what way the Defendant committed negligence.

You also should bring your driver’s license and health insurance card (if you have health insurance). If you have already had medical treatment for your injuries, it is most advisable to bring with you any medical records and bills that you have in your possession. If you have missed time from work, it would also help the personal injury attorney if you bring copies of your most recent paychecks, from both the pay periods before your accident and those pay periods after the accident during where you experienced lost wages.

Bringing these items to the attorney during the free consultation will often expedite your accident injury case towards settlement.

Is a personal injury attorney worth it?

Clients of personal injury attorneys almost always obtain higher settlement values than those who do not. Members of the general public also normally do not have the requisite knowledge, skill, and training to prepare and file a personal injury lawsuit and conduct discovery. Clients who hire a qualified personal injury lawyer can rest assured that if the insurance companies involved do not pay maximum compensation, the lawyer will file a personal injury lawsuit to seek maximum compensation for victims through the court system.

Qualified personal injury attorneys are also well versed in how to appropriately communicate with an insurance company about a client’s case following an accident. A layperson who talks to an insurance company after a personal injury accident often makes statements that jeopardize the victim’s chances of recovery.

Attorneys can assist with medical care if you do not have health insurance

Many accident victims do not have health insurance. Other victims have health insurance, but their copays or deductible are so high that seeking medical care becomes too expensive to pay for the balance remaining on the medical bills after their health insurance. Personal injury attorneys interact so frequently with medical providers in the community that they often are able to provide names of medical providers to clients. Often these medical providers will charge the victims’ medical bills to a lien. A lien is a debt that attaches to the personal injury case.

Contact Wolfe Law Group to discuss your personal injury case with our attorney

If you are seeking a qualified personal injury attorney following an accident, you are in the right place. Our attorney Justin Wolfe has been recognized as one of the top personal injury attorneys in Georgia by multiple publications including Super Lawyers magazine. He has dedicated his entire career to the practice area of injury law and helping victims. Justin has experience representing accident victims from all metro Atlanta counties, including: Clayton County, DeKalb County, Henry County, Fulton County, and others. He has also represented clients from the neighboring states of South Carolina, Tennessee, and North Carolina, who have sustained injuries by accidents in Georgia.

Communicating with our personal injury attorney

At Wolfe Law Group, you will speak to our attorney during your case. We do not use a case manager like many of the billboard advertising law firms in metro Atlanta. If you have been injured in an accident due to the fault of another party and you wish to have a free consultation with our attorney, all you have to do is give us a call. You will be connected with an agent who can take your basic information and connect you with our attorney as soon as possible. Call now at (404) 348-0884.

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